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Check your node status

From time to time you should check on the status of your node to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

There are several best practices you can follow to ensure your node runs smoothly:

  • Ensure your node is connected to the internet as much as possible
  • Ensure you have sufficient storage and memory available
  • Shut down (quit) your node before turning off your device

From the Home screen, you can check your top block number in the top right corner, if there is a warning symbol indicating that your node is not in sync with the latest block, allow some time for the node to catch up automatically before attempting to chain resync.

Node health


From the Health MiniDapp, you can check:

  1. the version number of Minima running
  2. the latest block number and time
  3. the full status of the node



The Logs MiniDapp will give you an indication of the most recent processes, connections and activities occurring on your node.

If you experience unexpected behaviour from your node, check the logs for additional information or error messages.

Please see the logs page for explanations about common log messages.