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Our Tokenomics

The total supply of Minima is fixed at 1 billion tokens and pre-allocated. As there are no dedicated miners, there is no method for distributing coins after Mainnet launch. This is one of the unique features of our cooperative PoW chain. Our distribution strategy reflects the importance to rapidly gain security based on a minimum target of 1 million active and participating Mainnet nodes.

The majority of public allocation will be made available through our series of community incentive initiatives and a grant program. Our ecosystem benefits from the stability and trust that comes with the reassurance that there are no risks around hard-forking, opinion battles or financially motivated strategies, all of which together offer the ultimate footing for scaling rapidly. Minima is a positively interdependent network, where Users cooperate in a win-win scenario. What is good for one user is good for another, and more users means more decentralization, and more security.

Users of Minima can rely on Layer 1 performance and security guarantees of a well formed, available, equally represented and fully decentralized, censorship and quantum resistant system. MinimaMinima

Public Allocation​

51% of the Minima token supply is reserved for public circulation.

Public Sale​

16% is reserved for public sale and will be made available through a series of timed sale events.

5% of the public sale allocation will be released pre-TGE, up to 5% at the TGE, with the remaining 6% available for release from the 1st Anniversary.

The focus and dedication to building a strong and diverse community and ecosystem will ensure long standing utility value for the Minima token and drive consistent organic liquidity growth.

Community Allocations​

The remaining 35% of public allocation is reserved for community circulation through our incentive channels.

In the event that we experience greater than expected organic growth resulting in us reaching our target minimum node runner goal with allocations in-hand, any remaining tokens will be added to and distributed through our public sale channels.

We are running a range of incentive initiatives for our community. Our approach is multi-facetted aimed at reaching our goal of a secure, decentralized, censorship resistant protocol, and an active, engaged ecosystem. MinimaMinima

Incentive Program​

30% of the total supply is being dedicated to growing an active and thriving community.

Through a range of channels, we are encouraging a growing community of users and developers to battle test the Minima protocol and build a marketplace of innovative MiniDapps. Community members can earn token rewards for running nodes, finding bugs and developing on the Minima blockchain.

This single largest allocation of coins will be used to reach our target of 1 million active nodes at Mainnet launch.

Grant Program​

A grant fund, equal to 5% of the total supply, has been established to enable interesting and novel uses of Minima.

Grants are awarded for developments based on merit and their potential to increase Minima adoption, lower barriers to entry (across both crypto and non-crypto groups) and grow the network, both in scale and geographically.

Grants will be awarded through a series of scheduled application rounds and in collaboration with a range of Minima partners, aligned to, and after, the Mainnet launch to garner further momentum up to, and throughout the early stages of growth.

Release Schedule​

Pre-sale allocations are unlocked over time ensuring deterministic liquidity in line with our post-launch growth trajectory. With no miners to pay, complete certainty of the total number of coins in the system can be achieved at a far greater rate, allowing for economic equilibrium to play out much faster. In this way, supply and demand are balanced in the absence of external influences.

AllocationRelease Schedule
Team & AdvisorsLinear vesting over 3 years, starting 3 months after TGE
Seed - Institutional33% at TGE, then 67% at 1 year after TGE
Seed - Friends & Family25% at TGE, then 5% monthly after TGE
Private 140% at TGE, then 5% monthly after TGE
Private 250% at TGE, then 5% monthly after TGE