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Your seed phrase

Keeping your wallet secure involves

  1. Keeping the device your node is running on secure.
  2. Writing down your seed phrase immediately after starting your node.
  3. Locking your node with a password. See Locking your node.
  4. Backing up your node. See Backing up your node.

Your seed phrase will be required to restore your wallet if you lose access to your node and do not have a backup. It can be found in the Security MiniDapp.


How to find your seed phrase

  1. Open the Security MiniDapp and ensure your node is not locked
  2. Select Manage Seed Phrase
  3. Select Show Seed Phrase
  4. Grab a pen and paper and write down your Seed Phrase in the order specified

Write down your seed phrase carefully, in the correct order and store it in a safe place offline.

It is also possible to view your seed phrase by running the vault command using the RPC client or Docker CLI.

Tips for keeping your seed phrase safe:
  1. DON'T take a screenshot of your seed phrase
  2. DON'T copy and paste your seed phrase to/from a mobile or computer which is connected to the internet
  3. DO use a metal plate to record your seed phrase and store it somewhere safe
  4. DO Make 2 copies of your seed phrase and give one to a trusted relative or store in a second location
  5. For large amounts, consider signing your transactions offline. To do this you will need to run a node on an offline device and one node on an online device. See Cold Storage Solution.