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Archive file exports

If running an archive node, you can export your archive data to a file that can be used for recovering a node from the Security MiniDapp or using the reset command to either chain re-sync, import seed phrase or restore a backup with chain re-sync.

To export your archive data to a file:

  1. Open the Security MiniDapp


  1. Select Archive reset
  2. Select Archive export, then Export archive file
  3. Wait for the file to be generated

Once the file generation is complete you can download it to share with others. You can also Browse internal archives to download, share or use.

Alternatively to export from the Terminal, run:

archive action:export file:archiveexport-ddmmyy.raw.dat

An archive node can only be used to re-sync users who created their nodes after your archive node was created. If you wish to be able to recover any Minima user, you must perform a chain re-sync from an archive node that holds the entire blockchain since genesis.