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Minima is :

  • A compact blockchain that runs completely on your mobile phone.
  • A scalable, programmable, storageless, quantum-secure, proof-based, cascading Tx-PoW chain.
  • A resilient, open, global, censorship-resistant p2p network with a built-in base-layer blockchain for trustless payment, token and contract processing.
  • A fully decentralized crypto system of collaborating users, with no centralizing points of failure, able to sustain the largest network of Complete nodes ever assembled.
  • A miner-less, cooperative, distributed PoW network immune to the trappings of a centralizing, miner-centric, fee-based paradigm.

Decentralization: Above all else Minima strives to be a completely decentralized platform. Every user on the network runs the same code in the same way. Every user runs a Complete node. There are no special user classes, no master nodes, no delegates and no miners. The protocol uses a small amount of resources specifically so that all users are able to run a Complete node at all times. Any systemic attack on the network requires an attack on the entire user base. There are no centralized points of failure.

Security: Minima is a Distributed PoW secured blockchain. The true PoWer of the Minima Network comes from the scalable off-chain transactions, running over Maxima, that also contribute to layer 1 security. Layer 1 security is not compromised by traffic going off-chain to layer 2, it is in fact enhanced. All the cryptographic security of Minima is hash-based, and as such, Quantum Secure. All nodes are Complete, so that light client attacks, where a user’s lack of knowledge of the entire network is exploited, are nullified. Censorship and other block-based attacks are orders of magnitude harder to attempt.

Scalability: The Minima Protocol allows for both on-chain and off-chain transactions. The block size is adaptive and can grow and shrink as the users see fit. Powerful off-chain protocols, some that already exist today, take traffic off layer 1 and onto layer 2. Layer 2 allows near-limitless innovation and throughput. Minima can utilise current strategies like the Lightning Network and Sidechains, putting these abilities squarely in the hands of every user.

Sacrifice: In order to be runnable by all at all times, Minima not only requires a large user base, but Minima also asks for more from its users. Participation is a requirement. Minima utilises an MMR database, maximal pruning and a Cascading Proof Chain. Essentially these techniques require users to connect to the network periodically, at best - constantly, at worst - daily or weekly. Then their MMR proofs can be updated, the validity of the chain’s transactions can be verified independently and correct additions can be made to the Cascading Proof Chain, before the relevant data is discarded by the network. And of course, all users must work to send their transactions and participate in the network. All of this can be seamless to the user, buried under the application layer, but at a minimum, they will need to ensure they are connected to the network.

Minima users have all the tools required to interact in a completely decentralized way. All users can independently track, store, share, validate and construct the blockchain. The burden of responsibility shifted squarely onto the users, with no miners, master nodes, delegates, coordinators or any other overarching authority to take the slack.

We’re in charge. It’s up to us.