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Coloured Coins

Minima is the native coin for the Minima blockchain. Each UTxO is defined as a coin and therefore a coin can be worth any amount of Minima. Minima supports custom tokens (including NFTs) natively. Tokens are Coloured coins. Coloured coins are tiny fractions of Minima which represent the supply of a custom token or NFT.

Custom tokens are specified by the following characteristics:

TokenIDCreated after all the details are set, by hashing the coinid and total amount. Each TokenID is globally unique
Token Name/DescriptionA String description that can be just a name or a full JSON.
CoinIDThe CoinID used when creating the token initially
TotalThe total number of these tokens
DecimalsThe number of decimal places to use for the token
ScriptThe token script
Total AmountThe total amount of Minima coloured to be this token. Since Minima uses 44 decimal places, if you colour 1E-33 (0.000000000000000000000000000000001) Minima, that is 1000 tokens with 8 decimal places. i.e. 1000.00000000
ScaleThe scale of the Token vs the amount. In the example above, the scale is 36

NFTs are simply custom tokens with no decimal places i.e. they can only be spent whole.