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Every Minima node includes Maxima.

Maxima is to information what Minima is to value.

Where Minima provides freedom of value exchange. Maxima provides freedom of information exchange.

Maxima is an information transport layer protocol that allows anyone to exchange information, with their chosen contacts, over Minima’s peer-to-peer network.

Since Maxima and the Minima blockchain both run on the same peer-to-peer network, Minima transactions and Maxima messaging can be combined in one MiniDapp (a decentralized application that runs over the Minima network). The MaxSolo MiniDapp is a perfect example of this.

This unlocks the power of composability to create true Web 3 applications with peer-to-peer exchange of value and information. All decentralized; without censorship; and without personal data collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Maxima strengthen Minima’s security?

Each time a message is sent over Maxima, the sender's node must perform a small amount of work (Tx-PoW) which contributes to the overall hash rate of the Minima network, increasing the value of the network as a whole.

The more messages sent over Maxima, the more Tx-PoW securing the network;
The more secure the network, the more value can be stored on the network;
The more value can be stored on the network, the more valuable the network.

Is Maxima Free?

There is no monetary cost to send messages over Maxima.
Messages are paid for in work — Transaction Proof-of-Work (Tx-PoW). In other words, your node performs a small amount of work in the background for every message you send, which contributes hash power to secure the Minima network.
You don’t need any Minima coins to use Maxima.

What are Maxima Contacts?

Your Maxima Contacts can be your friends, family and connections that you wish to communicate with over Maxima.
By adding the people you know as a Contact in your Minima node, you create a connection with their node across Minima’s peer-to-peer network. This means you will be able to chat and transact with them using the MaxSolo MiniDapp and, in future, any other MiniDapps which use Maxima.

What is my Maxima Profile and Contact Address?

Your Maxima Profile is the name that your Maxima Contacts will see once you are connected to eachother. Your Contact Address identifies your Minima address and location in the peer-to-peer network. By sharing your Contact Address with people you know and getting them to add you as a Contact, you are allowing them to communicate with you using the MaxSolo MiniDapp.

What is MaxSolo?

MaxSolo is a messaging MiniDapp that uses Minima and Maxima to enable you to exchange messages, Minima coins, custom tokens and NFTs to your Maxima contacts.

Are my Maxima messages private?

Messages sent over Maxima are signed by the sender and encrypted end-to-end, so only the recipient of your message is able to decrypt and read it.

Can I disconnect from a contact?

For privacy, your Maxima Profile changes periodically. When you choose to delete a contact, you also remove yourself from their Contact list, and they will no longer be able to locate you in the peer-to-peer network.

How can I use Maxima for messaging?

Every Minima node includes Maxima. To use Maxima, you must first set your Maxima Profile name and create your Maxima Contacts, then you will be able to communicate with your contacts using any MiniDapp that uses Maxima, for example, MaxSolo.

For setup instructions, please follow the instructions in the Using Maxima section.

For more information on MiniDapps, please see the MiniDapps section.