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What is Maxima?

Every Minima node includes Maxima.

Maxima is to information what Minima is to value.

Where Minima provides freedom of value exchange; Maxima provides freedom of information exchange.

Maxima is an information transport layer protocol that allows anyone to exchange information, with their chosen contacts, over Minima’s peer-to-peer network.

This unlocks the power of composability to create true Web 3 applications combining peer-to-peer exchange of value and information.

Totally decentralized - without censorship - without personal data collection.

How does it work?

Each node on the Minima peer to peer network not only has a wallet address for receiving funds but also a contact address to receive messages/data over Maxima.

A user's Maxima contact address is an extension of their Minima wallet address and includes their "location" in the peer to peer network - essentially an IP address where they can be reached.

This allows people to add their friends/family/connections as contacts and send encrypted messages back and forth to each other.

Maxima manages the connections between contacts to ensure users remain connected and has in-built privacy features, for example dynamic contact addresses.

If you no longer want to be contactable by one of your contacts, you can delete them from your contacts list and you will automatically be removed from their list. Further still, they will no longer be able to locate you in the network unless you provide them with your updated Maxima contact address.

Similar to Minima, where each user must provide a small amount of computational power to the chain by "mining" their transaction; on Maxima, each user must also "mine" their messages before they can be sent to a contact.

Hence, Maxima is a source of additional hashrate securing the Minima blockchain.