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At a Glance

Below you will find key information about Minima, with links to further reading.


Language: Java
Consensus: TxPoW - Transaction Proof-of-Work
Longest chain: GHOST Protocol (heaviest chain)
Hashing algorithm: SHA3, considered to be Quantum resistant


Model: UTxO - Unspent Transaction Output (same as Bitcoin)
Txns/block: 256
Txns/second: ~5 on layer 1, unlimited on layer 2
Block intervals: 50 seconds


Native currency: Minima coin
Supply: 1 billion hard-capped, deflationary via the Burn
Custom tokens: supported natively via coloured coins, minted directly on node
NFTs: supported natively via coloured coins, minted directly on node

Smart Contracts

Scripting language: KISS VM is a custom scripting language for writing Smart Contracts on Minima

Scaling Solution

Layer 2: Minima supports off-chain payment channels, similar to Bitcoin's Lightning network, for virtually unlimited transactions per second

P2P Communication

Maxima: Off-chain information transport protocol layer to support peer-to-peer messaging

Web3 DApps

MiniDapps: Supports native web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React etc