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There is no “right” way to create decentralized applications on Minima. We leave it up to you, the developer, to choose your path and technology that you are most comfortable using.

Before we begin, let's define MiniDapps. MiniDapps are essentially web applications that run locally on a device. They communicate over RPC (Remote Procedure Call) with a local Minima node and provide an easier user experience.

The MiniDapp System (mds) enables node runners to install, uninstall and run MiniDapps from their node.

It is likely more desirable and of interest to build dApps to be as decentralised as possible which is what Minima facilitates by having complete nodes on mobile devices.

Pure sovereignty over your data.

As developers we must be extra creative while developing MiniDapps where we must consider efficient methods to distribute and store data, lower power usage as much as possible and grant the SMOOTHEST user experience.

Let’s begin.