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This section is intended for developers who wish to learn more about MiniDapps and how to build one.

Once you understand this section, you can move onto the MiniDapp tutorials.

MiniDapps are essentially web applications that run locally on a device that is running a Minima node. They communicate over RPC (Remote Procedure Call) with the node, providing a front end for interacting with the Minima blockchain and the Maxima communication layer, creating a quality user experience.

The MiniDapp System (mds) enables node runners to install, uninstall and run MiniDapps from their node.

The latest MiniDapps, developed by the Minima Team, are available from the Dapp Store MiniDapp on your node or can be downloaded from the MiniDapps website.

Who can build a MiniDapp?

Anyone can learn to build a MiniDapp.

MiniDapps can be written using the widely known HTML, CSS, JavaScript or React and come with a JavaScript library mds.js.

Minima also has a unique scripting language, KISS, which is Turing-Complete, allowing for powerful smart contract driven applications.