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Welcome aboard — your journey starts here!

This post will provide you with a high-level overview of our purpose, the values that align us, and what we’re collectively working towards.

We hope this will make you feel at home in our community, and act as a springboard for further exploration.

What is our purpose?

Minima was born out of the desire to build a network that empowers freedom for all.

We believe everyone should have equal opportunity to create, communicate and collaborate — so we cooperate within our network to achieve this goal.

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What are our values?

Our values are our moral compass that guide how we interact with others in our community. If you share these same values, you’re already a Minimalist.

Collaboration: Minima is about collaboration, not competition. What is good for you is good for me. Working together and being transparent with each other is a fundamental part of what makes Minima tick.

Participation: Like the protocol, we will only succeed if everyone is an active participant. Put the work in, and you will be rewarded.

Empowerment: We are working for freedom, and so we give everyone the freedom they need to thrive. No matter who you are.

Accountability: With empowerment comes accountability. We trust each other to take responsibility when things go wrong, making sure that we first attempt to resolve any issues ourselves.

We’re building a future where everyone can freely connect and prosper — join us.

What are we working towards?

1 million validating and constructing nodes. We do the minimum amount of work required independently, to secure the chain with the maximum amount of work collectively — so the scale of members running a node matters.

For Mainnet launch, 1 million nodes is a number we believe is robust enough to handle real-world value and information to be exchanged.

You can help achieve this and earn Minima by running a node and inviting your friends to do the same.

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Now that you know our purpose, values and what we are working towards, it’s time to learn about Minima's innovative technology.

Read our What is Minima? page to understand its key features.