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Get Involved

Running a node​

Start by running your own Minima node!

You will get a non-custodial native Minima wallet; a suite of of default MiniDapps to start using; and direct access to the blockchain.

Once up and running, you can participate by interacting in the community, and using the social MiniDapps like Chatter. Simply set up your profile and then share your contact address with other users.

Building MiniDapps​

If you’re a developer, check out the Build section of our docs to learn about how to build your own MiniDapps and how to write smart contracts on Minima.

join the developers on discord!

To access to the dev channel in Discord, head the #role-picker channel and select the Community Developer role. Our core and community developers are active there, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are no stupid questions!

Purchasing Minima​

Minima has a native currency, MINIMA, which has a hard-capped supply of 1 billion coins. 12.5% of this supply is available to purchase as wrapped MINIMA (WMINIMA) on the Ethereum blockchain.

MINIMA (native Minima):

  • the native currency of the Minima blockchain,
  • lives on the Minima chain and can only be held in a wallet that runs on a Minima node,
  • expected to be available to purchase on exchanges in 2024.

WMINIMA (wrapped Minima):

  • the wrapped version of native MINIMA that lives on the Ethereum blockchain,
  • can be traded on a 1:1 basis with native MINIMA,
  • currently available to purchase from Uniswap or MEXC.

How do I see WMINIMA in Metamask?​

If you have purchased WMINIMA and are holding it in a Metamask wallet, WMINIMA needs to be added as a custom token in MetaMask before you can view your balance.

The WMINIMA contract address is: 0x669c01CAF0eDcaD7c2b8Dc771474aD937A7CA4AF

Alternatively, if you have Metamask enabled on this browser page, click on the button below to add it automatically.

Join us on socials​

Subscribe to our announcement channel on Discord or Telegram, and follow us on LinkedIn or X to be the first to hear about the latest updates!