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Android (v9 and above)

Installing Minima

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of the Minima App
  2. Install the Minima App on your Android device from the Google Play store
  3. Set your Google Play store settings to enable auto-update for the Minima app.
Don't have a Google Play account?

The Android apk can also be downloaded directly from Github here.
Latest version: 1.0.24, Last updated: 25th Mar 2023

  1. Open the Minima App and allow the battery settings for Minima to run in the background

Congratulations - your node is now installed & running! Continue to secure your node.

Huawei/Redmi/ZTE Battery settings

Please check the battery settings for the Minima app and ensure that "Manage Automatically" is disabled. This will ensure that Minima remains in sync and running in the background.
The settings should be set as shown below.

Secure your node

Before using your node for the first time, you must:

  1. Write down your Seed Phrase
  2. Take a backup
  3. Set a Vault password to encrypt your Keys (optional)

How to view your 24 word seed phrase

  1. From the Home page, open the menu in the top left
  2. Open the Vault page
  3. Press the three vertical dots in the top right
  4. Select Seed Phrase
  5. Grab a pen and paper and write down your Seed Phrase in the order specified

Tips for keeping your seed phrase safe:

  • Never take a screenshot, copy and paste or type your seed phrase on a device which is connected to the internet
  • Never store your seedphrase on a device which is connected to the internet
  • Engrave your seed phrase onto a metal plate and store it somewhere safe
  • Make 2 copies of your seed phrase and give one to a trusted relative or store in a second secure location in case you lose access

How to backup your node

Before backing up your node, consider encrypting your private keys. For more information, see Vault.

  1. From the Backup/Restore page, click MAKE A BACKUP
  2. Enter a password for the backup (using A-Z, a-z, 0-9 characters only, no symbols)
  3. A backup file will be created and you will be prompted to choose a location to save it.

Please note:

  • Your password will be required if you restore this backup at a later date, it cannot be changed or recovered so you must remember it!
  • Once you have saved your backup file, we recommend you send it to a USB drive to keep it secure and then remove it from your Android device

How to restore your node from a backup

  1. From the Backup/Restore page, click RESTORE FROM A BACKUP
  2. Enter the password you entered when creating the backup you are restoring
  3. You will be prompted to choose a backup from your device that you have previously taken
  4. Your node will then shutdown - reopen the app to reconnect to your restored node
  5. Wait a few minutes for your node to resync before using it - check your tip block is in sync

How to encrypt your Private Keys

Encrypting your private keys involves setting a Vault password so that you will not be able to spend funds without first decrypting your keys or by inserting your Vault password.

You will still be able to receive funds as usual.

You can decrypt your keys at any time with the same Vault password you used to encrypt them.

Vault password

Your Vault password should use A-Z, a-z and 0-9 characters ONLY, do NOT use symbols.
This password should be different to the password you use to access your MiniDapp system.

It is NOT POSSIBLE to view/change this password once you have set it, so make sure you write it down and store it somewhere secure - treat it in the same way that you would your seed phrase!

To encrypt your private keys:

  1. Ensure you have taken note of your seed phrase and are storing it somewhere safe.
  2. Go to the Vault page in the app
  3. Click on Encrypt Private Keys
  4. Enter the same password twice (using A-Z, a-z, 0-9 characters only, no symbols)

If you forget it, you will need to restore from an Archive node using your 24 word seed phrase.

To decrypt your keys:

  1. Go to the Vault page in the app
  2. Click on Decrypt Private Keys
  3. Enter the password you used to encrypt your keys

Your keys will be decrypted and you will be able to view your seed phrase and send funds without entering a password.

How to check the Status of your node

From the Health page in the app, you can:

  1. Check your version number
  2. Check your latest block time (Time) and latest block number (Block), this is your tip block and the time of that block, Time should be within a few minutes of the current time.
checking your node is in sync

Having a recent block time is not a guarantee that you are on the right chain.
Consider cross checking your latest block with another node or ensuring the 'Chain' colour of your Maxima Contacts on the Contacts page are green.


If the time shown is significantly behind, you should restart your node to resync to the chain.
If you have been offline for a long time or do not have a recent backup you may need to perform a chain resync from an Archive node.

  1. Check your node's full status by selecting Full Status from the menu in the top right.

Next Steps

Once your node running, you can use Minima's decentralized applications - MiniDapps.

Learn more about MiniDapps here

The latest MiniDapps are available to download from the DAPP Store screen in the app. For guidance on installing and using MiniDapps, please visit the Help section in the app.