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Installing Minima

  1. Install the Minima App on your Android device from the Google Play store
  2. Set your Google Play store settings to enable auto-update for the Minima app.
  3. Open the Minima App and allow the battery settings for Minima to run in the background

Congratulations - your node is now installed & running!

Continue to join the network then secure your node.

Don't have a Google Play account?

The latest Android apk file can also be downloaded directly from Github here.

Huawei,Redmi,ZTE Battery settings

Please check the battery settings for the Minima app and ensure that "Manage Automatically" is disabled. This will ensure that Minima remains in sync and running in the background.
The settings should be set as shown below.

OPPO Battery settings

OPPO have a strict background policy which means that even if Minima is allowed to run in the background, it may be force closed if there are too many apps with this permission.

To ensure that Minima continues to run as expected, please ensure that you have fewer than 5 apps on your phone (including Minima) that are allowed to run in the background.

Join the network

The first time you install Minima, you will need to connect to the network before you can send or receive coins.

To join the network, simply

  • ask someone else running Minima to share their connections with you, or
  • google search for minimapeers.txt

Please see Joining the network to learn more.

Secure your node

Before using your node for the first time, you should:

  1. Write down your seed phrase
  2. Lock your node with a password
  3. Take a backup and set up auto-backups

This is all done within the Security MiniDapp.


Please see Securing your node for detailed guidance.

Desktop Connect

Android users can connect to their phone node from a computer that is connected to the same WiFi network.

  1. Open Minima and find Settings


  1. Select Desktop Connect
  2. If you have recently joined a WiFi network, refresh the URL
  3. From your computer's web browser, go to the URL shown


  1. Accept the security warning shown
  2. Enter the password shown to login

Voila! You can now use your node on your computer!

Set your own password

To set your own password for Desktop Connect:

  1. Open the Minima app on your phone
  2. Tap at the top of the screen to show the MinimaOS title bar
  3. Tap on the 3 dots and select Startup Params
  4. Enter -mdspassword yOurp@ssw0rdhere to set your own password
  5. Select Save
  6. Tap at the top of the screen to show the MinimaOS title bar again
  7. Select Shutdown to restart Minima

When you reopen Minima, go to Settings > Desktop Connect to confirm your password has been set.