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Android (v9 and above)

Installing Minima

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of the Minima App
  2. Install the Minima App on your Android device from the Google Play store
  3. Open the Minima App and allow the battery settings for Minima to run in the background

Congratulations - your node is now installed & running!

You will see your MiniDapps on the Home screen, the latest MiniDapp versions can be found in the DAPP Store to download & install.

Don't have a Google Play account?

The Android apk can also be downloaded directly from Github here.
Latest version: 103.20, Last updated: 20th October 2022

Setting up your Incentive Account

After installing the app, if you have registered for the Incentive Program, you must connect your Incentive ID to your node to receive daily Rewards.

Previous users

If you had an account prior to 6th December 2021, you must reset your password here. Please check your junk mail for the reset password email.

  1. From the Home screen in the Minima app, open the Incentive Program MiniDapp
  2. Click on the 3 dots in the top right and select Open in Browser
  3. Follow the link to the Incentive Program website to log in


  1. From the menu in the top right, go to the Incentive ID page and copy your Incentive ID

Node ID

  1. Return to the app and paste your ID into the box on the Incentive ID page, click Update

Node ID

Your Incentive Program account is now connected to your node!

To see your Rewards balance, select Rewards from the menu.

You can also check your Reward balance from the Terminal MiniDapp using the incentivecash command.

Console Console


For every day your node is connected to the network, you will receive 1 Reward within the next 24 hours.

Next Steps

Once your node running, you can contribute to our Testnet by testing our decentralized applications - MiniDapps.

Learn more about MiniDapps here

The latest MiniDapps are available to download from the DAPP Store screen in the app. For guidance on installing and using MiniDapps, please visit the Help section in the app.