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Linux VPS

How to download and install Minima on your Linux Server/Desktop (Debian OS including Ubuntu)

If you have not run Minima before, please ensure you have the latest version of Java installed on the server

  1. Log in as the root user. (You may need to create a secure connection to your server using PuTTY, Terminal or a similar tool)

  2. Open the command prompt, ensure you are in the root directory

  3. If you have any older versions of Minima installed, please uninstall them before moving to the next step. Please run this script to uninstall Minima:

wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./
  1. From the root directory, please run the following script:
wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./ -r 9002 -p 9001
  1. Wait for Minima to start, the service will restart during this process and can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Congratulations - your node is now installed & running!

Running multiple nodes on one server?
You can specify different port numbers on the end to do this, for example (using 9122 and 9121):

wget -O && chmod +x && sudo ./ -r 9122 -p 9121

How to set up your Incentive Program account to receive rewards

  1. Go to -
Previous users

If you had an account prior to 6th December 2021, you will need to reset your password using the Forgot Password button (this is because encrypted passwords could not be migrated to the new system.) You can set your new password to be the same as your old one. Please check your junk mail for the reset password email.

New users

After you have registered, simply login to your account

  1. Once the Minima is running, connect your Incentive Program account to your node by copying YOUR OWN Node ID from the Incentive Program website above and typing the following directly into the command line:
sudo apt install curl



You should receive a return status of true and see your previous reward (if any) including missed rewards (if any).
Your Incentive Program account is now connected to your node!

If you have multiple nodes on one server, you will need to change the port number in the curl command to update the second node using the port number after -r For example:

  1. Your node will then ping us so we know it's running.

  2. For every day your node pings us, we will add 1 Minima to your DAILY REWARDS.

  3. To check your rewards, type curl into the command line.

Last Ping

This is the last date and time your node sent a PING message. Pings are sent at random each day. For every day your node pings us, we will add 1 Minima to your rewards.


There will temporarily be no MiniHub or MiniDapps - based on community feedback we are working hard to improve the MiniDapp system for a future release!

Useful Commands

ctrl-c : Exits the Minima logs (Minima will continue to run in the background)
journalctl -u minima_9001 -f : Show the Minima logs
sudo ps -fC java : Shows all running Java processes

sudo apt install curl : allows you to use curl commands to interact with minima
Then y (for Yes)

sudo apt install jq : allows you to use jq to make the output look readable
Then y (for Yes)

Stopping/starting Minima (Service must be called minima.service)
sudo systemctl stop minima_9001 : Stop the Minima service
sudo systemctl disable minima_9001 : Disable the Minima service
sudo systemctl enable minima_9001 : Enable the Minima service
sudo systemctl start minima_9001 : Start the Minima service

Interacting with Minima
curl | jq : shows the status of Minima
curl | jq : shows your incentive cash balance
curl | jq : shows the full list of commands

For a full list of Minima Terminal Commands see Terminal Commands.