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Base Types

Minima uses the following custom Base types:

TypeDescriptionSize (bytes)
MiniByteInteger, Byte or Boolean1
MiniDataA Hex or Base 32 hash4 bytes (length) + Data length in bytes (Max 256MB)
MiniNumberA decimal number with maximum 20 digits in front of the decimal and 44 digits after1 byte (scale) + 1 byte (data length) + Data length in bytes
MiniStringUTF-8 StringMiniData representation of a UTF-8 string

General Parameters

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
IS_MOBILEbooleanFALSEIs this node running on mobile? Mainly for metrics
IS_ACCEPTING_IN_LINKSbooleanTRUECan the node accept incoming connections?
PRIVATE_NETWORKbooleanFALSEIs this a private network? If TRUE, don't connect to any users.
AUTOMINEbooleanFALSEAre we automining a TxPoW every block?
GENESISbooleanFALSEAre we creating the genesis block?
CLEANbooleanFALSEAre we wiping previous data?
DATA_FOLDERstringuserhome.minimaWhere the database files are stored. This is set at startup.
MINIMA_HOSTstring127.0.0.1The Host IP
IS_HOST_SETbooleanFALSEIs the HOST set from command line?
MINIMA_PORTint9001The main Minima port
RPC_PORTint9005The Minima RPC port
TEST_PARAMSbooleanFALSETest Params or Main Params
P2P_ENABLEDbooleanTRUEIs the P2P System Enabled?
P2P_ROOTNODEstringHost and IP of the first P2P node
CONNECT_LISTstringManual list of Minima nodes to connect to
NUMBER_DAYS_SQLTXPOWDBlong3How many days to keep the TxPoW in the SQL DB
NUMBER_HOURS_RAMTXPOWDBlong1How many hours to keep the TxPOW in the RAM mempool
NUMBER_DAYS_ARCHIVElong90How many days do you archive the TxBlocks to resync users
USER_PULSE_FREQlong100*60*10Number of seconds before sending a pulse message - every 10 minutes

Global Parameters

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
MINIMA_VERSIONstringThe client version of Minima
MINIMA_BLOCK_SPEEDMiniNumber0.02Speed in blocks per second 0.02 = 50 second block time
MINIMA_BLOCKS_SPEED_CALCMiniNumber256The number of blocks back to consider when checking speed and difficulty
MINIMA_CONFIRM_DEPTHMiniNumber3The number of blocks deep before a block is considered confirmed
MINIMA_CASCADE_FREQUENCYMiniNumber100How often (in blocks) the chain is Cascaded
MINIMA_CASCADE_START_DEPTHMiniNumber1024Depth of heaviest chain before we cascade
MINIMA_CASCADE_LEVEL_NODESint128Number of blocks at each cascade level
MINIMA_CASCADE_LEVELSint32The number of Cascade levels
MINIMA_MMR_PROOF_HISTORYMiniNumber256Max Proof History - how far back to use a proof of coin. If there is a re-organization of more than this the proof will be invalid.
MEDIAN_BLOCK_CALCint32The MEDIAN time block is taken from this many blocks back. When calculating the Difficulty of a block (both from the tip and the previous block). This smooths out the time fluctuations for different blocks and removes incorrect times.