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Incentive Program


The Incentive Rewards Program is now closed to new users.

Existing users will continue to earn, however all Rewards due for 2023 will be received in March (prior to Token distribution) instead of daily, provided you continue to run your node.

What is the Minima Incentive Program?​

The Incentive Program is designed to reward you for installing and running a Minima node. You will receive one Reward every day your node pings us to let us know it is connected.

How do I get involved?​

The Incentive Reward Program is now closed to new users, however you can still run a node to use the Minima blockchain and decentralized applications.

How many Rewards can I earn?​

You will earn 1 x Minima reward each day.

from january 2023

From January 2023, Rewards will no longer be paid daily. Instead, all Rewards for 2023 will be paid in March before Token distribution, provided you continue to run your node.

Why is Minima offering this?​

As we test and improve Minima ahead of our Mainnet launch, your participation is precious to us. Together, we can collaboratively:

  • Grow the Minima network
  • Test how different devices operate
  • Find or fix bugs on the Minima Testnet
  • Perfect the Minima application and protocol for Mainnet launch
  • Help grow the Minima community membership and participation

What equipment do I need?​

To participate, you will need an Android mobile (9.0 or above), PC, Mac or Linux. Minima currently doesn’t run on iPhone/iOS, but this is on the future roadmap.

Can anyone run a node and join the Incentive Program?​

Yes, providing you have the correct device to install and run a MInima node.

How many nodes can I connect to my Incentive Reward account?​

You should have only one node running with your Incentive ID connected to it.

Ensure the node you have your Incentive ID connected to is the one you want to receive your Rewards to at Mainnet.

If you have been running multiple nodes, decide which node you wish to receive your coins to and connect your ID to that node.

Attempting to connect the same Incentive ID to multiple nodes may cause confusion when receiving your coins!

How many Incentive Reward accounts can I have?​

One Incentive Reward account per person.

Will there be any updates?​

In the run-up to Mainnet, there will likely be several upgrades to the system. These are known as 'hard forks'. Any earned Minima rewards will temporarily be removed when these happen, and we will reinstate the exact amount after the update. Any Minima tokens created via the wallet on the testnet will also be lost during a hard fork.

When will I get my rewards?​

Everyone in the Incentive Program will get their rewards at the Token Generation Event (TGE). This is scheduled to be in Q1 2023.

How do I report a bug?​

Please head to the #download-and-bugs channel on our Discord Server. There you will find full instructions for raising your bug. Should you need help doing so, contact any of the Community Team who will be happy to assist.

How can I find out more?​

The best way to learn more and ask questions is to join our community channels below:

For the full Terms & Conditions, please click here.