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Start a Private Node

For development purposes, it can be useful to run one or more private test nodes stimulating network traffic. Starting these nodes from Genesis will also give you 1 billion coins to test transactions with.

To start a private node from genesis:

Node 1:

java -jar minima.jar -data minidata1 -test -nop2p -genesis

This will start a node on the default ports of 9001-5.

To create a second node to test transactions between two nodes

Node 2:

java -jar minima.jar -data minidata2 -test -nop2p -clean -port 10001 -connect

If you need to quit Minima and wish to restart it without deleting old data use:

Node 1:

java -jar minima.jar -data minidata1 -test -nop2p

Node 2:

java -jar minima.jar -data minidata2 -test -nop2p -connect

Available start up parameters

Optional start up parameters:

-rpcenable : enable remote procedure call
-mdsenable : enable the MiniDapp System (mds)
-clean : clears existing data, all coins will be lost
-data : specify a path and folder name for the config files
-port : specify the initial port for Minima to use
-host : Specify the host IP

To create a private node:

-genesis : start the node from the genesis block (automatically uses -clean and -private)
-test : uses test parameters e.g. faster block times (automatically uses -private)
-connect : Create your own network by manually connecting to this list of host:port
-nop2p : Disable the automatic P2P system