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MiniDapp Hub

The MiniDapp hub is where you will access all the MiniDapps you have installed on your node.

Accessing the MiniDapp Hub

To access your node’s MiniDapp hub, your node will need to have mds (MiniDapp System) enabled.

To check that your node has mds enabled, run the mds command in the Minima Command Line Interface (CLI).

You should see a password for accessing your MiniDapp hub, if the password value is null, mds is disabled and you should stop your node and restart it with the -mdsenable flag.



Each node runner has access to their MiniDapp hub via (or https://localhost:9003). Or if accessing on a remote server, https://YourServerIP:9003.


You may be shown a security certificate warning, to which you can click on Advanced, then Proceed. This may be different depending on the browser and OS you are using.

If running your node on a mobile device, you can interact with your node from a Desktop on the same WiFi as the mobile, to find the URL you need, go to the Health page in the Android app.

When you see the MDS login page, enter the password provided when running mds from your node's CLI to access the MiniDapp Hub.

With no apps installed, it will look something like this: Accessing the MiniDapp Hub