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Why Mobile?

Minima was born out of the desire to achieve what Bitcoin originally sought to achieve; a truly decentralized, censorship resistant, peer-to-peer, electronic cash system. Over time, Bitcoin mining has become more centralized due to its competitive nature and game theory suggests this is only headed in one direction, towards centralization.

Bitcoin node count since 2017:

Bitcoin node count since 2017Bitcoin node count since 2017

Source: Bitcoin Node Count History

Prior to the inception of Bitcoin in 2008, smartphone technology was still in its infancy. As of 2020, the global smartphone adoption rate is estimated to have reached over 78%, ranging from 48% in Sub-saharan Africa to 80% in North America and Europe. Source: Statista Global Smartphone penetration rate

Leveraging mobile technology

By leveraging mobile technology, Minima has the potential to achieve true decentralization on a global scale. Security is a function of decentralization; therefore the more decentralized Minima becomes, the more secure the network. Recognising this reduces the so-called ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ of decentralization vs security vs scalability to a dilemma - decentralization vs scalability.

Scalability can be achieved through various Layer 2 solutions, such as Omnia - a ‘Lightning’ network implemented on the Minima blockchain.

Minima also enables smart contracts with a Turing-complete scripting language, providing a censorship-resistant platform for ‘Web 3’ applications.