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Our Vision

Core philosophy

Minima has created an ultra-lean blockchain protocol that fits on a mobile or IoT device, allowing every user to run a full constructing and validating node. By adopting this approach, Minima has created the possibility of operating a completely decentralized network. One that is scalable and inclusive, while remaining secure and resilient. This level of total decentralization guarantees censorship-resistance by ensuring that there can be no overarching authority controlling the network, creating an ecosystem that is truly autonomous and accountable. The result is Minima, a base layer protocol that maximises all of the benefits of blockchain, whilst reducing existing vulnerabilities.

Ultra-lean mobile blockchain

Minima is light in file size and heavy in the range of options to which it can be applied. This means that Minima is small enough to run as an application on a mobile or IoT device, making it openly accessible and easy to use. This flexibility, ease of access and inclusiveness opens up a vast array of potential use cases in which Minima can be applied.


Censorship-resistance is the one true value proposition of blockchain, and the degree of censorship-resistance defines the true level of value that a blockchain can possess. On Minima, every user runs a complete constructing and validating node, so there are no centralized miners and therefore no overarching authority controlling the network. By creating a network that is owned, run and secured by its users, Minima has created a platform that allows users to be completely autonomous, while still ensuring that they remain fully accountable.

Total decentralization

True censorship-resistance on a blockchain is not achievable without true decentralization. By re-engineering the blockchain, Minima has created a more resilient protocol, with no central points of failure, where all participants collaborate as equals, removing the need for on-chain governance, or for rewarding miners to secure the chain. This level of true decentralization creates a highly resilient ecosystem, that allows individuals and enterprises to operate, experiment and innovate in a secure and scalable environment.

A better protocol for everyone

Minima streamlines and democratises the transfer of value and information to create an ecosystem that has true value for users, developers and enterprises alike. For users, the Minima ecosystem is completely inclusive and accessible, allowing anyone with a mobile phone to run a complete node and be part of a community that adds value and utility for all. For developers, Minima provides a coding platform that is accessible and easy to build upon, using a simple web-native coding language (Javascript & HTML5). Allowing developers to build decentralized applications for a growing number of users across a vast range of potential use cases. For enterprises, Minima provides a resilient, scalable platform on which they can build the next generation of applications that will reduce costs, increase efficiency, lower barriers to customer engagement, reduce fraud and mitigate against risk.


A blockchain where every user runs a complete constructing and validating node


A protocol that is owned and run entirely by the community


An ecosystem with no overarching authority controlling the network


A mobile application that is simple to download and easy to use


A fully distributed network with no single point of failure


A scalable platform with adaptive block sizes and off-chain transactions


A quantum resistant protocol that is network-secured by scale


A completely decentralized network with no avenues of censorship