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The public presale has now ended. You can now claim your purchase or get your refund if you did not pass KYC.

How to claim your tokens


If you purchased via MetaMask, you can now claim your tokens from the redeem page.

You will need to connect the same account you purchased with and add WMINIMA as a custom token in MetaMask to see your tokens. Click on the button below to add WMINIMA as a custom token automatically.


If you purchased through Switchere, your tokens will be available immediately in your wallet.

How to get a refund

If you did not successfully complete KYC, you can refund your USDT from the refund page.

Where can I buy and sell WMINIMA?

You can buy and sell WMINIMA on Bitfinex, MEXC or Uniswap

Still need help?

If you have any other issues related to KYC, please contact us via our Contact page.