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Become a Minimalist

Read on to understand what a Minimalist is, who can become one, how to get involved, and how to keep up to date.

We hope this makes it easy for you to get stuck in, and helps you understand that there is a place for everyone at Minima.

What is a Minimalist?

We are a collective of individuals who believe in Minima’s purpose and values, so we cooperate to make them a reality.

Who can become a Minimalist?

Minima is for everyone — we’re always excited to help new members join the network, whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, dApp developer, freedom advocate or otherwise!

How do I become a Minimalist?

We recommend first following these steps to get oriented:

  1. Watch our explainer animation

  2. Read ‘Welcome to Minima!’ to know what we stand for

  3. Learn the basics - the following articles will help you understand what we’re building

How can I participate?

To become a Minimalist, you must run a node!

This gives you access to Minima’s decentralized blockchain network where you can exchange value and information peer-to-peer, and enables you to participate as an equal.

Minimalists also help build the network by:

1. Helping others in the community

Community matters. If you see other community members struggling to get set up or who have questions you can answer, please get involved — to scale to 1 million node runners your support is needed!

If your participation is beneficial, new opportunities will open up to complete activities and tasks for additional rewards.

2. Inviting friends to run a node

We are stronger together. If you help your friends register for the Incentive Program and maintain their node, you’ll be rewarded for your work.

For Mainnet launch, we’re aiming for 1 million nodes, as this number we believe is robust enough to handle real-world value and information to be exchanged, so the more the merrier.

3. Building decentralized apps

Build the future. If you’re a developer, check out the Build section of our docs, then head to #role-picker on our Discord and select ‘Community Developer’ to gain access to the #dev channel.

Our core and community developers are active there, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We’re all learning this new world together, so there are no stupid questions!

How can I keep up to date?

Subscribe to announcements on Telegram

We share all key community updates here, if you subscribe you’ll be kept up to date with everything important.